24 June 2013

Have the London 2012 Olympics left a lasting legacy?

There is no doubt that the 2012 London Olympics and Paralympics had an impact in Britain. It not only changed the landscape of East London but created an infectious frenzy of Olympic fever as communities across the UK and visitors came together to enjoy and celebrate the achievements of each participating nation. 

But has this positive feeling and impact lasted beyond last summer or has the London 2012 legacy been extinguished much like the Olympic Flame in the Closing ceremony? 

It was the pledge of the Olympic Committee & Officials that the London 2012 Olympics would ‘inspire a generation’ to become more involved in sport. Officials claimed that this major sporting occasion would increase participation in competitive sports in both young people as well as encourage the British population as a whole to be more physically active.

The majestic Olympic Park was also built to inspire people to live in a more sustainable way, taking positive action to take care of the environment, which included using public transport, walking and cycling.

And finally, the legacy also had ambitious aims not only of the sporting kind, but to also ensure regeneration in East London; transforming residences and creating business opportunities and jobs for local people in these areas.

These were and still are ambitious aims. Many believe that whilst some of this may be happening in a positive way for some businesses, groups and individuals, it has been and will continue to be at the expense and detriment of others. 

What is your opinion? Do you feel that the Olympics had a personal impact on you to be more active? Have you seen changes in your community because of the Olympics? How has this affected you? 

Do you think the Olympics has inspired a generation? 

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